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Who we are

With an eye for style, Karir Eyewear is among the best boutiques in Toronto for over 40 years. Equipped with determination and passion, Bob Karir set out to do something that no one else had ventured to do — to introduce Canadians to the extraordinary world of optical design.

Bob introduced Canada to many of today’s renowned designers, often discovering them before the rest of the world would come to know their names. Bob’s philosophy has always been simple: Put the right pair of glasses on someone’s face so that people say “WOW”. Certainly, a timeless pair of frames can help anyone fit in. But Karir is about standing out. More than 40 years later, the storefront in First Canadian Place continues to stand as a validation of Bob’s original vision.

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Our commitment to you

Our Karir Eyewear locations feature a team of dedicated staff – professional opticians who provide expertise in helping you choose the most appropriate frames for your face and personal style. With the latest frame designs sourced from eyewear shows in Milan and Paris, we are committed to your individuality and self-expression.

Our team

Bob Karir Licensed Optician
Julia Niece Manager Licensed Optician
Gabi Bragues Licensed Optician
Indra Storz Licensed Optician
Carolyn Petican Licensed Optician
Raven Dela Cruz Licensed Optician

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