Robert Marc Nyc
Robert Marc Nyc

“Robert Marc NYC is an American optician who launched his own collection in 1999. Their signature hinge makes them a simple yet luxurious style. For Robert Marc, New York illustrates the passion that drives the world created around the brand. Known as the city that never sleeps, it is often said that the possibilities are endless and that dreams take shape here.

It is also in New York that trends have always been imagined, created and reinvented. Robert Marc NYC relies on its deep New York culture to offer ever more unique eyewear. It is not for nothing that many celebrities have chosen Robert Marc eyewear frames.”

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KARIR First Canadian Place

First Canadian Place, Adelaide Street
Entrance, Toronto, (Ontario), M5X 1C8

KARIR Yorkville

138 Cumberland Street, YorkVille,
Toronto, (Ontario), M5R 3N7