Sunglasses trends for summer 2023: The ultimate guide

Published on July 11, 2023

As summer peaks, you may want new sunglasses to switch up your current outfits. But what are the latest 2023 trends in creator designer sunglasses? At Karir, we always are on the lookout for the latest styles so that you can find the perfect pair.

What’s particularly remarkable about summer sunglasses 2023 is their refusal to be confined to a single era, embracing a diversity of influences from various decades. Let’s see what this summer offers.

Rectangular sunglasses 

Taking the spotlight, revamped rectangular frames steal the show with a spin on an 80s classic. Including asymmetry and elongation, they breathe new life into the timeless design of high-end sunglasses. These summer shades also contain a vibrant palette of funky hues, ensuring a playful and stylish selection.

Tinted lenses for sunglasses

2023 sunglasses trends for both women and men are all about colourful lenses, which were often found in the 70s. Still, the enchanting lavender haze shade stands out from others as it departed from traditional pastels and brings a pop of dreamy, digital colour to any ensemble.

Infuse your style with a burst of vibrancy with these glasses! At Karir, we offer the option to tailor your lenses to any colour you choose, no matter what frame you like the most. From optical eyewear to sunglasses, our opticians are at your disposal for any tint modification. Stand out from the crowd!

Athletics-inspired sunglasses

Blending form, function, and fashion, this year’s hottest trend is the fusion of cutting-edge design and sporty sunglasses. Inspired by athletes, these 2023 shades exude a futuristic vibe, flaunting a hyper-neon colour palette reminiscent of the 80s.

Additionally, wrap-around sunglasses are returning to the limelight as men’s and women’s sunglasses trends of summer 2023, featuring softer lines and a modern twist. These athletic styles showcase thin, delicate frames and finely tinted lenses for a refreshed look.

Elongated cat-eye sunglasses

Spring-summer 2023 runways witnessed the electrifying rise of elongated cat-eye sunglasses. Departing slightly from their timeless shape, these shades now have a stretched-out silhouette, delivering a striking, bold fashion statement. They have been hailed as synonymous with celebrity sunglasses in 2023 because of their chic looks.

Y2K sunglasses

Revitalizing the vibrant echoes of the year 2000, Y2K shades emerge as this season’s leading eyewear. These shades are available in neon, transparent, and pastel frames, providing nostalgic vibes of the past.  

Embracing the appeal of celebrity eyewear, Y2K’s heart-shaped lenses infuse a fancy charm into the collection. This summer’s must-have sunglasses feature two captivating categories: the first showcases sporty, mirrored lenses having robust frames, while the second comprises thin wire frames enclosing multi-colour lenses.

Oversized aviator sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses trends of summer 2023 redefine coolness with their larger-than-life frames. Aviator sunglasses, in particular, underwent a magnificent transformation into an XXL rendition and are available in unisex shades. Witness the extraordinary fusion of vintage charm and futuristic charisma in the summer sunglasses 2023. 

Experience the reinvention of timeless classics like never before. Discover a wide range of summer 2023 sunglasses that are sure to complement your unique face shape by scheduling an appointment today!