Jacques Marie Mage glasses: Guaranteed hand-crafted originality

Published on August 16, 2023

Looking for eyewear that is synonymous with exclusivity, quality, and timeless style? Look no further than Jacques Marie Mage glasses. Embodying a renowned blend of architectural precision, vintage aesthetics, and sophisticated craftsmanship, Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses and Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses are as unique as their wearers. Let’s explore what makes Jacques Marie Mage glasses so eternally appealing and distinctive.

Discover the Jacques Marie Mage eyewear brand

Jacques Marie Mage is an eponymous Los Angeles-based brand that keeps turning heads in the high-end eyewear sector. Jacques Marie Mage glasses are crafted with a keen eye for detail and a strong emphasis on artisanal techniques. Each frame is handmade in Japan and Italy, highlighting the collectible aspect of each pair and the originality that sets Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses apart from mass-produced eyewear.

Inspired by art deco, the American West, First Empire and Takumi aesthetics, Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses feature modern takes on vintage frames. Each pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses is a masterpiece of design and durability. 

One of the striking features of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear collections is the limited-edition nature of its frames. Each model is produced in limited quantities, adding a layer of exclusivity and desire. Two popular designs exemplify this: Jacques Marie Mage Dealan and Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin.

Jacques Marie Mage’s Dealan design was inspired by folk-rock legend Bob Dylan, who toured the world with a pair of one-of-a-kind black cat-eye glasses in the mid-1960s. Jacques Marie Mage’s Dealan epitomizes 60’s rock chic and modern sophistication.

Jacques Marie Mage’s Zephirin, named after Pope Zephyrinus, offers a bold aesthetic with its sculpted 20th-century design, pre-WWII sizing and slim silhouette. This model perfectly encapsulates the brand’s flair for integrating historical inspirations with contemporary elegance.

Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses are equally spectacular, offering an eclectic combination of bold geometries and architectural design, creating eye-raising profiles for discerning eyeglass wearers who want as much style and fine craftsmanship in their sunglasses as they do in their everyday glasses. 

The designers leverage special materials, such as premier Japanese acetate, titanium, and precious metals, and subtle details to elevate Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses to a level that transcends seasons. Another interesting fact? Jacques Marie Mage frames are numbered individually, and once a specific frame or colourway is done, they are not repeated. Some frames gain value after their releases, which never exceed 500.

The history of Jacques Marie Mage glasses

The Jacques Marie Mage micro-brand was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, by Frenchman Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, who studied product design and sculpture before moving to the United States on an internship in 1996. He quickly became fascinated with eyewear and recreating iconic glasses that iconic people wore, including JFK, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Le Corbusier, and more. 

During a recent interview with Mage, he explained that Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses tell a story by reinterpreting frames that represent moments in time. For example, the Jacques Marie Mage brand created a modern spin on Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider frames for the actor’s estate. 

He stated, “People don’t buy a pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses. They buy the mystique.” Indeed, because Jacques Marie Mage glasses are wearable pieces of art, they all tell stories that merge fashion, history and ingenuity.

Jacques Marie Mage stores in Toronto

Trying on a pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses is an experience in itself. When you put on a pair of Jacques Marie Mage eyeglasses or Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, you immediately feel and notice the mastery of materials, workmanship, and the stories the frames are trying to convey. 

Jacques Marie Mage glasses—along with the enlivening try-on experience—can be found at KARIR’s two Toronto locations at First Canadian Place and Yorkville. Book an appointment today and enter the intriguing world of Jacques Marie Mage.