Geometric, transparent, vintage and beyond: Eyewear trends for 2024

Published on March 06, 2024

The eyewear trends of 2024 offer a delightful mix of geometry, subtlety, and a trip down memory lane. This year, we celebrate the diversity of personal style through thick-rimmed geometric glasses, the understated charm of nude frames, and the classic appeal of round, vintage-inspired eyewear. And that’s not to mention the colourful palette of sunglasses. Here are the latest 2024 trends for women and men. 

Thick-rimmed geometric glasses

This year, eyewear gets an angular twist with many luxury brands, where the beauty of geometry meets the boldness of thick rims. The interplay of shapes caters to every face, whether you’re drawn to the sharpness of hexagons or the softer curves of round edges. With a palette ranging from bright to mixed colours, these glasses are designed to be a statement piece that lets your personality shine through.

Transparent glasses are the new neutrals

Millennial pastel hues have evolved into transparent nudes and crystal-clear tones that are set to take over 2024. These fresh, cool and warm colours offer a subtle yet distinctive option that stands out in a crowd. Embrace this trend of transparent frames that add a touch of modern neutrality to your wardrobe, ensuring you leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Vintage-inspired round glasses are causing a circular sensation

Round glasses make a comeback, bringing with them a touch of the past suited for the modern wardrobe. These frames are incredibly versatile, complementing business attire as much as they do a casual, trendier ensemble. Suited especially for those with square or rectangular faces, round glasses are a trendy nod to bygone eras, proving that what goes around comes around in fashion.

Vivid hues make their mark

Step into a world where 2024 trendy glasses revive audacious colours. This year, we foresee a palette of electric blues, lively greens, playful pinks, and radiant reds leading the trend. Wear these dynamic shades to inject character into all of your looks and turn your glasses into an eye-catching highlight.

Embrace ‘90s sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses, a staple of the 1990s, are making a huge comeback in 2024. They invite you to celebrate vintage fashion as they surge into the present with updated, chic interpretations. It’s undeniable: tinted sunglasses, ranging from warm oranges to cool blues, have secured their place at the forefront of nineties eyewear revival, leading the pack in retro-vogue.

Browline glasses are in fashion now

Browline glasses are poised to be a significant trend in the 2024 eyewear scene, merging classic contours with modern materials and colour palettes. Characterized by their distinctive upper frame that traces the natural brow line, these glasses have a rich history of intellectual and cultural cachet, which they bring into the current fashion narrative. The upcoming year sees a reinvention of this iconic 1950s style.

Rimless glasses offer understated elegance

Rimless glasses have made a return to the forefront of fashion, asserting themselves as a definitive eyewear trend for 2024. Celebrated for their unobtrusive elegance and subtle sophistication, these minimalist frames provide style without overshadowing your features, making them a versatile choice.

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