Expert tips for caring for your glasses

Published on November 21, 2023

High-quality glasses demand a level of care that preserves their functionality and keeps them looking sharp. The process of maintaining these delicate accessories is surprisingly straightforward and, when done regularly, can be both quick and effective. 

Understanding the material and design of your glasses is the foundation of proper maintenance. Whether they’re acetate, metal, titanium, or a mix of materials, each pair will interact differently with the environment and your skin oils. When you purchase a new eyewear, be sure to ask your optician about their recommendations on how to take good care of your glasses at home.

Handling your glasses

The process of caring for your glasses begins with proper handling. Always pick them up by the frame with both hands, not by the lenses, to avoid smudging or scratching. A smudge might be a minor annoyance, but a scratch can be a permanent detriment to your vision quality. 

When you’re not wearing them, store your glasses in a sturdy case, ideally a hardshell. A hardshell case will protect the lenses and safeguard your frames from potential warping or bending.

Resist the urge to put your glasses on top of your head. It may seem convenient, but it can damage your eyewear over time. This habit can strain and stretch the frames, especially over time, leading to a poor fit when they’re worn properly. The temples, designed to rest comfortably over the ears, can widen and cause the glasses to sit too loosely, slipping off your face. 

Moreover, hair products and natural oils can smudge the lenses and deteriorate any protective coatings. For the longevity and optimal performance of your eyewear, it’s best to keep them perched on your nose or safely tucked away in a case.

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Cleaning your glasses

When it comes to cleaning, lukewarm water and a drop of mild soap can do wonders. It’s a routine that, when performed gently and with care, can keep your lenses clear and frames intact. 

After rinsing, a soft, microfiber cloth can be used to dry and polish your glasses without leaving behind lint or risking scratches. It’s important to avoid materials that may seem soft but can actually be abrasive, such as dry paper towels or clothing fabric.

Turning to lens sprays and wipes might seem like the perfect solution to counteract the residues on your glasses, yet these, too, should be used only when truly necessary. Stay away from lotions or aggressive cleaning agents (even if they are suitable for glass!) as they can gradually erode the lens coatings, leading to a dull finish and a shortened lifespan for your glasses. 

Some sprays may contain chemicals that, while effective at cutting through grease, can also weaken the structural integrity of the frame or lens coatings with repeated use. As for wipes, even those labeled as ‘safe for lenses’ can be surprisingly abrasive, potentially scratching and wearing down the lens surface over time.

Caring for glasses when something happens

Typical wear and tear on eyeglasses might appear as loosened frames, misaligned arms, or loose screws. Even when handled with the utmost care, glasses are susceptible to the stresses of daily use. Although it may be tempting to perform minor adjustments at home, avoid DIY repairs. Even seemingly simple fixes, like tightening a screw or adjusting the frames, can exacerbate the problem if not done correctly. 

Should you notice any discrepancies in your glasses, whether they are bent frames or other forms of damage, the best course of action is to consult one of our opticians. Opticians are trained to handle these issues and have specialized tools that ensure repairs are done correctly, preserving the longevity and integrity of your eyewear. It’s always preferable to entrust your valuable investment to experts rather than risk further damage.

Protect your eyewear by getting additional guidance from qualified professionals on its upkeep. Visit Karir, where our knowledgeable team is at the ready to ensure your glasses remain in pristine condition, both in appearance and function. Make your appointment today.