Discover the top trends in eyewear for 2023

Published on February 16, 2023

New year, new eyewear! Like hairstyles, clothing and accessories, eyewear trends change each season based on the creativity of fashion designers around the globe. Over the past few months, we’ve been on the lookout for 2023 women’s and men’s glasses trends to inspire our clientele. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest new eyewear trends.

Oversized angular glasses

Supersized frames, which pay tribute to the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s were all the rage on the runways from Paris to Milan. Although they offer oversized silhouettes and angular geometric shapes for highly dramatic looks, their designs are nevertheless sleek and chic. 

Trendy women’s glasses frames like these can be found in soft neutral shades. We also saw a lot of oversized tortoiseshell frames. If you’re looking to make a luxe fashion statement, consider this 2023 eyewear trend.

Retro 1970s glasses

You’ll see many tinted lenses in 2023, especially in yellow, orange and red. Dubbed the “new retro” in eyewear, these tinted lenses will be paired with all types of frames for a boho-chic look.

Some lens shades, like blue and gray, are also making a comeback with rimless silhouettes and even jewels that actually are a nod not to the 70s but to the 90s. Funky coloured glasses are also gracing collections in 2023 as well. While they certainly stand out, these trendy glasses for women and men can be worn with anything, from casual to formal.

Eco-friendly glasses

Dare to go green! Eco-friendly glasses are likely to be more than a 2023 glasses trend; they will probably stick around for a long time, thanks to the fashion industry’s transition to more sustainable accessories and clothing. Both women’s and men’s frames are increasingly being made with cork, recycled plastic, upcycled water bottles, coffee, bamboo, wood and bio-acetate. 

You can find eco-friendly eyewear in a wide range of shapes, such as futuristic, circle and butterfly frames. These trendy men’s and women’s glasses for 2023 are ideal for eco-conscious eyewear fans.

Racer glasses

Another trend for men’s and women’s glasses frames is the athletic silhouette. Past iterations of racer glasses felt very sporty; however, for 2023, racer glasses are somewhat more minimalist. What is unique about these new frames is that while they are used for sports, they can also be worn throughout the day due to their polished styles. Racer glasses make the perfect accessory to mix business and pleasure!

Even though many athletic eyewear brands lead the industry with their ahead-of-the-curve designs, even luxury brands are making their inroads into blending sporty vibes with runway-ready looks.

Discover the top trends in eyewear for 2023

Cateye glasses

They’re back! Or did they ever really leave? One of the most popular trendy women’s glasses frames for 2023 is definitely the cateye. With their iconic winged and asymmetrical corners, cat-eye glasses in 2023 boast new angles as well as an array of updated colours and detailing that were not always present in the cateye glasses of the past. This timeless cateye eyeglass shape looks great on anyone, regardless of the shape of their face. 

2023 trends in glasses have something for everyone. Explore our latest collections and models today—and then book an appointment with one of our opticians!